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A regular search

Showing results based on an user's query

Autocorrect a search

Our search retries to search with a new term if the original term returns no results

'Did you mean' suggestions

A term that returns hits but is probably a typo


Define synonyms to return hits that otherwise have no results

Smarter search

Improve your product or site search with smart features like auto-correct and auto-complete

Easy setup

Use our API for complete control or just upload your (shopping) feed and you're good to go


Use our extensive business rules, synonyms or powerful look-and-feel settings to opitmize our search to your use case

SmartSearch features

User Interface

A beautiful responsive and user friendly UI that is easy to use and is very fast

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Defining filters couldn’t be easier. Ordering, type and labeling them is done with a few clicks

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Promote or demote certain products or content with a simple configuration

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Define other measures that are used for ranking e.g. margin, popularity. Combine this with our standard relevance to get the best set of results


Add synonyms to prevent the ‘no results’ conversion killer.


Promote certain brands or discounts by adding extra marketing (banners, text links) to your results

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Our easy plugins

Our plugins are available for popular e-commerce software like Shopify, Magento, Google Tag Manager, Lightspeed or you can use it on your custom website.

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