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Smarter recommendations

Our recommendations are highly relevant and tailored to the current product and the current visitor.

Easy setup

Add a simple plugin to your site, define where the recommendations should appear, style it according to your site and you're good to go!


We optimize the recommendations on a per-user basis: every user will get an optimal set of recommendations.

Plugin for webshops

We have plugins available for popular e-commerce software like Shopify, Magento, Google Tag Manager, Lightspeed or you can use it on your custom website.

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Recommendation features

  • Statistics & reports

    Get extensive reports on clicks and conversions on product level. Use it to act on your offerings.

  • Customizable

    Style the recommendations any way you like. You can use our point-and-click interface or you can use your own CSS. Get started quickly with our useful templates.

  • Set rules

    Set business rules for certain products or combinations

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