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A quick primer on how Conversify works


Our plugin can be installed quickly into all popular e-commerce software, such as Shopify, Magento, Google Tag Manager, etc. Our Javascript plugin is a breeze to install on sites that use custom software or on sites that do not sell any physical goods. Conversify helps every site that needs conversion optimization!

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Collecting data

We start learning about your visitors and customers during our data collection. The data we collect consists of hundreds of different signals. For example:

  • Visitor Path
  • Visitor duration
  • Time on page
  • Pagetype visited
  • Returning visits
  • Average conversion
  • Cart content
  • Device type
  • Heatmap
  • And more…


We now try to label your customers/visitors into three basic groups, loosely based on the theory developed by Robert Cialdini in his groundbreaking book “Influence”. He developed 6 principles of influence. We applied these to online businesses and selected 3 principles of influence that work online and that, we think, encompass all customers or visitors to your site.

Based on our analysis and labelling we now can persuade your visitors.


Social Proof

This type of visitor is sensitive to the fact that others already chose this product.

Example notification

23 other people bought this product in the last 2 days


This type of visitor is sensitive to signals that emphasize a time restraint on their decision.

Example notification

This product is running out of stock, we have 1 left!


This type of visitor is susceptible to recommendations by experts (or by you!).

Example notification

Our favorite product!

One of the ways to influence your customers, and we offer numerous tools for this, is to show a non-intrusive message on the screen. You’ve probably seen these messages (maybe also one of ours) on major booking sites for hotels and other e-commerce properties. It adapts to the user’s environment (e.g. operating system, browser, screen width) and grabs the attention with the right message at the right time, thanks to our intelligent algorithms.

These messages can have any position on the screen, different layouts, icon or no icon, different animations, and have dozens of other parameters. Don’t worry: we determine what works best, both for your site, and for each(!) individual visitor.

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