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A regular search

Showing results based on an user's query

Autocorrect a search

Our search retries to search with a new term if the original term returns no results

'Did you mean' suggestions

A term that returns hits but is probably a typo


Define synonyms to return hits that otherwise have no results

Smarter search

Improve your product or site search with smart features like auto-correct and auto-complete

Easy setup

Use our API for complete control or just upload your (shopping) feed and you're good to go


Use our extensive business rules, synonyms or powerful look-and-feel settings to opitmize our search to your use case

Our easy plugins

Our plugins are available for popular e-commerce software like Shopify, Magento, Google Tag Manager, Lightspeed or you can use it on your custom website.

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SmartSearch features

  • Statistics

    See detailed reports on trends, overall usage and missed queries which can be used for optimizing your search

  • Multiple domains and languages

    We support multiple domains and languages from one centralized dashboard

  • Set rules

    Create and set rules to have your business needs reflect in our search

  • Custom styling

    Style and customize SmartSearch any way you like. You can add your design with CSS.

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