Displaying and targeting notifications

Use our vast number of options of displaying and targeting your notifications. Target very precisely or very broad, we have a solution for every use case


Day of the week

Only show on a certain day of the week

Time and date

Add a start/end date and/or a start/end time for your notification

Limits per user/session

Nothing is more annoying than bombarding the same user with the same message. Use one of limiting options to get a grip on this behaviour

A/B test out of the box

We A/B test all your notifications and you can decide what percentage of users is seeing the notification

Target specific pages

Want to show a notification side wide? Or just on specific pages containing a keyword? Of maybe just in the homepage? We have you covered!

Type of visitor

Show a notification to a specific type of visitor: new, returning or customer

Target devices

Target different devices for your notifications

Check traffic type

Filter on traffic type: give organic traffic a discount through a notification but maybe you don’t want that same discount for ad traffic to keep your margins healthy

Country targeting

Target certain countries is very easy!

Connect Google Analytics

Let our software connect with Google Analytics and see how your notification is doing in your trusted analytical environment

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