Conversion as a Service

We know that you are spending a lot of time with customers to keep them happy. The day to day business doesn’t always allow to focus on conversion optimization. What if you could install a tool that takes care of increasing your revenue for you without ever touching it? What if you could see higher conversions across your site without any technical knowledge? Conversify is here to help! With our intelligent and self learning algorithms we know what works for which customer (yes, that’s right: we optimize per customer!) at what time. We use proven persuasion techniques to convince the shopper to buy your product. Want to see it for your self? Test us out for free!

We offer:

  • Higher conversion rates without any technical knowledge
  • Really simple installation for Magento, Shopify, SEOShop & Google Tag Manager / Ecommerce.js
  • Persuade shoppers in to buyers
  • No increase in revenue? No costs
  • And much, much more

We know your visitor like no one else

With our advanced analytics and mathematical models we segment and recognize your visitors. We deliver the right message at the right time to your visitors and turn them in to buyers.

Jane - parent

Jane – Parent

Jane is shopping for a new stroller and visits your site. We are seeing, based on her behaviour, that she is unsure whether stroller X is the right choice for her child. We also label this visitor as someone who is sensitive to authoritative messages. Showing her a message that this stroller is tested by experts and rated with 5 stars will convince her to buy.
Rick - Business owner

Rick – Business owner

Rick is in a hurry, he has a busy job and doesn’t want to spend a whole lot of time shopping because he also knows what he wants. Based on his behaviour, we label this visitor as someone who is sensitive to scarcity messages. Showing him, for example, that this is the last product in stock, we convince him to quickly make a decision and buy the product.
John - Sceptic

John – Sceptic

John is also shopping on your site and has doubts on whether this product is a good choice. His behaviour tells us that he can be influenced by messages that show, for example, that this product is used a lot. He is sensitive to social proof messages. We show him a message that this product has been sold 253 times in the past week and he makes the buy.

This is how it works:

(1) Collecting data

Our first step is to collect data about your shop. What is the typical behaviour of your visitors?

(2) Analyzing

Our software learns from your visitors and their behaviour. It also figures out which visitors are sensitive for what kind of messaging.

(3) Label

We now can label your visitors automatically based on the data analysis we did in the steps before.

(4) Persuade

We now target the visitor with the correct message that persuades him to buy your product.

Our customers love us.

Here are two examples of how we performed: – customer since May 2014

Conversion rate
Revenue per visitor

performance over June 2014 – confidence level 99.7% – customer since July 2014

Conversion rate
Revenue per visitor

performance over July 2014 – confidence level 96.7%

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